Challenges in Plastic Waste Collection and Segregation

According to studies on the situation in India, just 60% of this waste is recycled. It is difficult to separate and reassemble plastic waste streams like packaging garbage, particularly laminated plastic.

This was caused by the fact that about 70% of plastic packaging products are quickly turned into rubbish (CPCB 2018, MoHUA2019). According to Statista 2019, the amount of plastic trash generated is expected to increase to 31.4 million tonnes by 2031 and 55 million tonnes by 2041, signalling the urgent need to address the nation's mounting plastic waste issue.

Plastics were intended to be a blessing, but because they are either too expensive to collect and recycle or are single-use, they end up in the environment as litter and eventually make their way to the ocean from land-based sources. Environmental issues related to inadequately managed plastics are still present, as are challenges with recycling collected plastics.

Conferences on Plastic Recycling, Events Dedicated to Plastic Recycling, Congresses Dedicated to Plastic Recycling, etc.

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