The term "solid waste management" refers to the process of collecting and handling solid wastes. It also provides recycling options for products that do not belong in the rubbish or trash. Garbage or solid waste has been a problem for as long as people have lived in communities and residential areas. Waste management is concerned with how solid waste can be transformed and turned into a useful resource.

Every household, including business owners all around the world, should adopt solid waste management. Industrialization has brought both good and negative things to the world. Solid waste generation is one of the negative consequences of industrialization.
"Solid waste management refers to the collection, treatment, and disposal of solid waste that has served its purpose or is no longer useful. Unsanitary conditions can result from improper municipal solid waste disposal, which can lead to contamination of the environment and outbreaks of vector-borne disease (diseases spread by rodents and insects)."

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