The Bio-Electrochemical Treatment System is on

Bio electrochemical systems (BESs) are dynamic systems that use the interaction between microorganisms and solid electron acceptors/donors to produce energy while also removing contaminants from wastewater (e.g., an electrode).

Microbial fuel cells are being expanded to a range of uses outside of bioenergy under the umbrella of "microbial electrochemical technologies (METs)," such as wastewater treatment and the production of biobased products. The process is known as bio electrochemical treatment if the reducing equivalents produced by substrate degradation are used to address both complex organic and inorganic pollutants in wastewater instead of electricity (BET). The use of bio electrochemical therapy has the potential to reduce the complexity of pollutants while overcoming the drawbacks of traditional treatment methods. 

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    September 24-25, 2024

    5th Global Summit on Earth Science and Climate Change

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